Speak Out is an advocacy project which is funded by the South Lanarkshire Health and Social Care Partnership.

We aim to help people with learning disabilities to speak up for themselves so that they can participate in decisions about their lives. If a person cannot speak up for themselves, Speak Out follow the guidance on non-instructed advocacy published by The Scottish Independent Advocacy Alliance. A link to the SIAA can be found HERE.

What we do
Speak Out Advocacy Project provides an advocacy service for individuals with learning disabilities. Our aim is to assist people to have more say in the services they receive and to obtain information in order to be able to make choices. We also assist people with raising issues which concern them, in order that these can be properly addressed. Speak Out also has access to channels to raise more general issues regarding Learning Disability Services.

How we do this
We will meet with the person to discuss the issue for which they require advocacy support. If we can assist,  we will make an agreement about the steps we can take to resolve the issue. If we are unable to assist we will try to put the person in touch with someone who can.

How long for
We offer advocacy support for individual issues. Once an issue has been resolved, or taken as far as we have agreed with the advocacy partner, the advocacy support will come to a close. If the person should wish advocacy support with another matter, the person can re-refer at any time.

The advocacy worker will discuss their work with his/her supervisor and may share information with the team to access knowledge on issues. They will not pass on information about their advocacy partners to others unless this has been agreed with the person regarding the issue being pursued. The only time confidentiality would be broken if there were serious concerns for the advocacy partner’s safety or the safety of others. In this case we would need to share our concerns. If there is an Adult Support and Protection investigation, Speak Out may have to share information.

Data protection
Speak Out Advocacy Project holds basic information relating to the people we have contact with on a database. The information is used only to assist the work of the project and for general statistical purposes. No personal information held will be disclosed to any other agency. If any advocacy partner has concerns about this information, or wishes to see the details held about them, they should speak to their advocacy worker.  A   link to our data protection policy is attached. Speak Out Data Protection Policy

If you would like to make a referral to the project, or become a volunteer, please click HERE for details. You can download a referral form HERE.